June 14, 2014

Faster than evil movie questions by Chris

We have been receiving quite a few questions regarding the film, Faster than evil that we did the soundtrack for. We don’t really know much about the film. We met the people involved at a show in London and were asked if we would be interested to collaborate on an idea. Everything else was done via emails where we received plots and scene summaries etc. We then wrote things which we sent back and forth, then were given the thumbs up to go record the tracks. Now they have gone away and are starting on filming etc. We know that seems round the wrong way but this is the way they wanted to go about it. We are just happy to have been involved and will be organising a release for the album soon which will be separate to the film release date which is yet to be decided. Best thing is to follow them on Facebook etc if you want to find out more about the film.You can follow them via their website Faster than Evil movie or follow them on Facebook or Twitter