October 7, 2012

Europe by Chris

Our next live outing will be our European Tour. Starting off in Folkstone, we will then be taking in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Czech Republic. See below for all the relevant dates.

19/10/12 – Cafe De Arts, La Louviere, Belgium
20/10/12 – Barrock, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands
21/10/12 – Music City, Antwerp, Belgium w/ Alright the Captain
22/10/12 – Cafe Wagner, Jena, Germany w/ D.G.I.T.F
23/10/12 – Slaughterhouse, Berlin, Germany w/ D.G.I.T.F
25/10/12 – Sabotage, Dresden, Germany w/ D.G.I.T.F
26/10/12 – Chapeau Rouge, Prague, Czech Republic w/ D.G.I.T.F