Here we look back at releases past, recorded and manufactured off our own backs, without pressing plants and printers to do most of the work for us. All of these records are now deleted and you will never find them on sale again, without exception. At least not on this website anyway…


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This was supposed to be the third and final version of Shallows, played by and described as “epic” by Xfm’s John Kennedy. Lovely. We have never been entirely satisfied with previous versions of the song, so with producer Jim Riley we set out to do it justice once and for all. This was until we got signed and were asked to release it as a single again.

Track listing:
1. Shallows

Split single with Candy Sniper
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One track each from Up-C Down-C and our Margate friends, the monstrous Candy Sniper. A wonderous single of contrasts, with artwork by our very own Gary Dimes.

Track listing:
1. Candy Sniper – Resit Youth
2. Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + START – Don’t Be Sad That I Am Gone, Just Be Happy That I Was Here

The Jangling Dischords of Our Nation EP
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Recorded during the summer of 2003 with Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester. It was perceived at the time to be our finest achievement to date. At an unusually short 37 minutes, this EP sort of paved the way for things to come, as we started writing shorter, more to the point songs, to the relief of just about everybody.

Track listing:
1. Simple Reminder (Anger Is Not A Good Motive)
2. Don’t Be Sad That I Am Gone, Just Be Happy That I Was Here
3. They All Came Over To Destroy Me
4. Steve Sloan
5. Comfort Me, I’ve Lost My Heart
6. Embers

Taken From The Evil To Come
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First album release, which came out on two CDs. Not a case of pretention, we just wanted to release everything we’d come up with in the long gap since USSIM. Recorded from Summer through to Winter 2002 with our friend David Wicks (and Mark Dunk in part) at the Old House Farm studio just outside Ashford, Kent.

It took us a ridiculous six months to get this all recorded. Contained re-recorded versions of the tracks on u should stay in more, and those annoying bonus tracks where you have to fast-forward the CD right to the end to hear them. Packaging was five interchangeable gatefold covers designed by each band member, so you could choose which cover you preferred.

1. mark sloan
2. z-more
3. apply within
4. only shadows
5. my wings are far too beautiful
6. your more radiant inner princess
1. in crept long tears
2. end boss
3. shallows
4. abattoir noise and sleep


u should stay in more
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Second self-released EP, first studio recording.

Track listing:
1. Z-More
2. End Boss
3. Apply Within
4. Shallows

Somewhere In My Memory
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Our Christmas gift to the world. A single seven minute composition consisting of interpretations of Christmas Time by Cliff Richard, and the Home Alone theme (aka Somewhere In My Memory) originally composed by John Williams. Features sleigh bells, marching drums and “singing”.


Watch With Mother EP
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Self-released debut EP, recorded on a 4-track in Chris’ loft.

Track listing:
1. Relaxation/Maggie’s Prescription
2. Calmed
3. Black Flag on Campus
4. Kyo


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The forgotten Up-C record. This was the our first attempt at a full-length release, but was hampered by our creaky old 4-track, and no clear idea of what we were trying to achieve. The result was a mish mash of a few good but badly recorded tunes, and a few crap and badly recorded tunes.

It went on limited release for a while, but we couldn’t stand the idea of it being up for public consumption, so it was never released properly. Some people who bought the CD made mp3s from it, and they’re floating around out there if you know where to look, just don’t expect us to tell you where they are.

Track listing:
1. x=x
2. relaxation/maggie’s prescription
3. jericho
4. a) birthday song b) i am economically friendly
5. big D
6. plink
7. black flag on campus
8. autopilot
9. stanford