April 27, 2015

May Bank Holiday by Chris

We are playing 2 shows over this coming May Bank Holiday.

Firstly, we are playing at The Style and Winch, Union Street, Maidstone as part of the Fringe Festival on Friday 1st May. We are on at 8:30 pm and is free to get in.

Lastly, we are returning to London on Saturday May 2nd at Birthdays, Dalston as part of a Step Sideways and Lonely Voyager Records event to mark the release of Quadrilles new album. We are on first just after doors at 6:30pm also along with Polymath and Quadrilles. £4/5 entry.

March 24, 2015

Studio, Gig, mixtape and Merch by Chris

April see’s us return to the studio to record the first new material written as a 3 piece. Expect something heavy released as an EP in the not too distant future.

We are also happy to be hooking up with The Howl Ensemble from The Netherlands again. We will both be playing at Poco Loco, Chatham on Sat 25th April whilst they are over here on tour. Gets underway around 9pm and is FREE to get in.

Thirdly, Faster than Evil album track “Brown Volvo” is part of a horror themed mix Tape which can listen to below.

Pretty Ugly

Lastly, a more up to date stock of new Merch is now available on our Bandcamp page featuring new T-shirt designs and the limited edition pre release cassette of Faster Than Evil. Go check it out below.


March 11, 2015

Marching Up North by Chris

We return to the live scene this March with a northern jaunt to Scotland and back, taking in a few sights on the way.

Firstly, on Thursday 19th we are at The Redhouse, Sheffield with Drought on Titan and Lunar Maria.
Next, we are off to Scotland on Friday 20th to play at The 13th Note, Glasgow with Blood of the Mother and Bosphorus both featuring former members of What the blood revealed.
Then on Sat 21st March we are playing a special in store live performance at Sound it Out Records, Stockton on Tees at 2pm before an evening show at The Basement, York with Fat Spatula.


February 23, 2015

10 years, 10 songs, 10 videos. by Chris

To Mark 10 years of our debut Album “And the Battle is won” we will be bringing you a different practice video of one of the 10 album tracks through out the year. 10 years, 10 songs, 10 videos.

You can watch the first video for the album opening track “Stand Shadowless Like Silence” HERE

And the second video “New Year” HERE

February 2, 2015

New release by Chris

Today is Feb 2nd which is also Candlemass: Mass initiation of new members and animal or human sacrifice in the Satanic Calender. And what better a day to do a special pre release for our Horror Soundtrack “Faster then Evil” before it’s official vinyl release later in the year.
We have 50 copies on limited edition turquoise cassettes which also come with a free download for those who no longer have a tape player with full colour printed J-card insert. These tapes look awesome so get your hands on them quick via our bandcamp page.


January 18, 2015

Delta of the Damned by Chris

We are playing our first gig of the year at the first night of the 4 day Delta of the Damned Festival at Poco Loco, Chatham this Friday 23rd January alongside other Medway greats such as Black Light Brigade, Bear vs Manero, Broken Banjo, Frau Pouch, KILL RPNZL and Punching Swans. It all gets underway at 7:30pm and is free to get in. We are on stage at 10:15pm.

December 31, 2014

15 by Chris

Today we turn 15 years old!!! Thanks to everyone for sticking with us in 2014. It was an up and down year for us. High lights were getting to play Dunk Festival for the first time, recording something completely different using instruments we aren’t really used to and venturing into Denmark and Slovakia for the first time. Our lowest point was losing one of our founding members in guitarist Gary and having to then adapt to becoming a 3 piece. We hope that you continue to stick by us in 2015. We have some exciting news about our new album plus a certain album of ours turns 10 years old in Oct so keep your eyes peeled for news on that. As a gift to all of you, everything on our bandcamp page is now FREE to download for a limited time only. Enjoy.

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas…… by Chris

…….and to all a good night.

Will you be there when I die hard (Download)

December 4, 2014

Last gig, Christmas single and Joyzine advent Calender by Chris

Our last gig of the year will be on Friday 19th Dec at the Sebright Arms, London. As well as us, there will also be sets from OBE and Flies are Spies From Hell (who are celebrating their 10th year anniversary). Doors are at 8pm and will cost £4 entry. Come along and we promise to play something Christmassy!

Speaking of Christmas, our new Christmas single is to be part of the new *SKINBOY & MOTHERGASM present A MERRY MEDWAY NOISEMAS!* download christmas album featuring 12 top bands from our surrounding towns. Follow the link to get a new free track everyday up until Dec 25th.

A Merry Medway Noisemas

We are also happy to be part of the Joyzine advent calender. Follow the link below to unlock a new song everyday. Our song is a new unreleased track from our forthcoming horror album “Faster than Evil” and can be found beneath window no 15.

Joyzine advent calender

November 17, 2014

Maidstone and Brighton by Chris

Firstly, we play Make Some Noise at Earls, Maidstone this Thursday 20th Nov. It gets underway at 9pm and is free entry. We are on around 10:30pm.

Lastly, Sat 22nd Nov see’s us return to Brighton for our first show there in a hell of a while. We are playing Love thy Neighbour presents at the Hope along with Poles Apart and Monsters Build Mean Robots. £5 entry. Doors around 8/9pm.

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