Abattoir EP

Self Released, October 31 2012

  1. Kill it!
  2. New Sound
  3. Abattoir noise and sleep

End of every film EP

Released Oct 2012 on The Preservation Society

  1. End of every film
  2. Gentle Fight
  3. Stand shadowless like silence (live)
  4. End of every film (live)
  5. Scott Jason Smith (live)

Christmas 86 EP

Released March 2012 on Field Records.

  1. Christmas 86
  2. Scott Jason Smith
  3. The Gun
  4. Omni Rock
  5. Dad Rock (live)


Release November 2011 on Field Records.


  1. Sky Net
  2. Sons of the Desert
  3. Wolves in the Walls
  4. Roman Horses
  5. Monumental Mood Shift
  6. Spectral Fires
  7. Christmas 86
  8. (The Plains) Skeletal
  9. Sky Net (Reprise)


Released 13 November 2009, Firewolf is the first self-released post-Tap ‘n’ Tin release, and also the first as a four-piece. Recorded with old friend Jim Riley.

1. The Tavern
2. Black Lodge
3. Smiling Bag
4. Agent Cooper
5. Def Zeppelin
6. Dad Rock
7. Firewolf
8. Grandead


The album that time almost forgot. Recorded between Summer 2006 and Spring 2007, and finally released over a year late in 2008, and even then in limited quantities as Tap n Tin Records withheld stocks of the record after the band and label parted ways. You’ll be lucky if you can find it; it’s easier to get hold of in Japan than in the band’s home territory.

1. Embers and Ashes
2. Get to the Chopper
3. Our Flowers
4. Murmurs pt. 2
5. New Chapters
6. McDoomish
7. Murmurs pt. 1
8. Cascades
9. Fireflies
10. The Creeping Fear

Force Majeure Split Single

Split single with Mt. to accompany the August 2006 tour. Features previously unreleased track from ATBIW sessions.

1. Mt. – Too Many Escape Darwin’s Attention
2. Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start – This Is Where I Cried For Help

And The Battle Is Won

Our debut album released for Tap n Tin Records on CD, recorded w/ the ubiquitous Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios.

1. Stand Shadowless Like Silence
2. Not Of The Fallen
3. Sadako’s Fury
4. Phantoms
5. New Year
6. Comfort Me, I’ve Lost My Heart
7. Silent Fire
8. Shallows
9. Goodnight Cincinatti
10. I Think About Forever

Released: 24/10/05


An old classic re-recorded for our forthcoming album and re-released on Tap ‘n’ Tin Records. B-sides are a re-working of another oldie, Don’t Be Sad…, and a remix of Sadako’s Fury by John Amino.

Released: 01/08/05

Stand Shadowless Like Silence / Sadako’s Fury

Double A-side single released on Tap ‘n’ Tin Records, featuring two tracks that appear on our forthcoming album. The album will contain the full, unedited version of Sadako’s Fury.

Released: 14/02/05