March 24, 2015

Studio, Gig, mixtape and Merch by Chris

April see’s us return to the studio to record the first new material written as a 3 piece. Expect something heavy released as an EP in the not too distant future.

We are also happy to be hooking up with The Howl Ensemble from The Netherlands again. We will both be playing at Poco Loco, Chatham on Sat 25th April whilst they are over here on tour. Gets underway around 9pm and is FREE to get in.

Thirdly, Faster than Evil album track “Brown Volvo” is part of a horror themed mix Tape which can listen to below.

Pretty Ugly

Lastly, a more up to date stock of new Merch is now available on our Bandcamp page featuring new T-shirt designs and the limited edition pre release cassette of Faster Than Evil. Go check it out below.