The Truth (not a whinge)

We thought that we would try to clear the air as to why our album took so long to release, and why we parted ways with Tap N Tin Records.

Basically, things just weren’t working out between us and the label. When we signed to the label they already had people on board just to run the label. Well, to be accurate, it was really just two.
Anyway, before long the label people ended up working at the Tap n Tin pub, and just occasionally helped out with the label. It had looked like the label was going somewhere at one point, but it soon became clear that it was just a part-time hobby.

We had the album ready and waiting around October/November 2007 but due to all manner of delays, changes of mind and ‘u-turns’ on the label’s part ‘Embers’ was finally released in October 2008.

We’ve now recorded a new album called ‘Firewolf’ that’s a lot more straight balls-out rock. ‘Firewolf’ is going to be mastered at Abbey Road Studios very soon and then we’ll be looking to release it through a NEW label.

We now have some free recording time coming up in February and we are hoping to record some brand new tracks and bang out some live tracks from ‘Embers’.
We’ll probably be selling these ourselves at gigs etc.

Hopefully fingers crossed 2009 should be good to us!


Gar, Chris, JimE and Dale